“The Children’s Security Blanket has made it possible (more than once), for us to travel to Houston for Jacey’s medical treatments. Because of the abundant generosity they share, it makes our load a little more bearable. We are forever grateful!”

- Holly, CSB Mom

“Cancer can be overwhelming. I think it’s a huge compliment when our existing parents meet new parents and ALWAYS tell them about The Children’s Security Blanket…You really make a huge difference in their lives.”

-Amy Bowers, Pediatric Oncology Social Worker at Greenville Health System

“It’s meant everything. If it hadn’t been for The Children’s Security Blanket, I don’t know how we would have gotten back and forth for all the treatments. They made a lot of things possible that otherwise wouldn’t have been.”

-Shannon, CSB Mom

“They have helped us so much. Just the support has been really great for our family. We really needed that.”

-Jermeca, CSB Mom

“All children were meant to run, skip, sing and ride horses, but a lot of the ones we serve don’t get to do those things. We want to make a difference in their lives.

-Tom Russell, Co-Founder of The Children’s Security Blanket