Financial Assistance
There are only three place in South Carolina where a child can receive treatment for cancer. For many families, the suffering of a child’s cancer is compounded by the challenges of getting to quality care. The Children’s Security Blanket helps with transportation, lodging, meals and other expenses not covered by insurance when families must travel for treatment.

Family Support
A little fun goes a long way to help families coping with cancer. Our Family Nights provide group activities for our cancer children and siblings, healthy dinners, and important psycho-social support for parents. Our annual summer Camp Victory gives these brave cancer patients and their siblings a time and place to be children again if only for a week. The Back to School swim event helps children with school supplies. The CSB Christmas Party is a celebration of life and assures each child and sibling has Christmas!

Community of Caring
Every family the Children’s Security Blanket assists becomes part of our wider community of caring. We help families reach out to each other by sharing emotional support, ideas and resources.